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Christina Chwyl grew up next to the Pacific Ocean in Victoria, British Columbia. Art has always been a central part of Christina’s life; growing up, she enjoyed drawing, writing poetry, and playing the piano and harp. Fascinated by people and their inner worlds, Christina went on to pursue psychology and is currently in her final year of her Clinical PhD program.


In her art, this fascination with people is reflected in her subject matter—she typically paints people lost in thought, emotion or a moment. Christina also draws inspiration for her art from the west coast landscape and her dreams. Her artwork, which can best be described as abstract realism, incorporates multiple layers and materials in order to create an expressive atmosphere.

Christina believes that when people follow their curiosities and passions, they become fully alive. Through art, she hopes to create a space in which people can experience reflection, peace, and possibility.

Photo Credit: Nathaniel Lynde

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