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Be yourself

Hold near the safeties of dichotomies

Sip your warmth, or simply

Cup each piece of you between your hands and


Watch wisps of the world


In the cacophony a crowd dissolves

Certainties, sums of self, someones shaped by what they

Do or own or say

Don't be dismayed

Melt into held hands, running late, shared or even secret smiles

Friendships, diamonds, legacies - we

Treasure whispers of forever

Stumble, for you’re steps away from soul mates, salvations or simply

Strangers slip by anonymous, then die

Intransitivity brims life with beauty, emboldens us with the

Tease of possibilities

Find yourself

Follow forgotten trails, let truths

Resound, journeys round the world may let a

Wide-eyed you

Be found

Admire intricacy

Prisms casting patterned dancers to

Delight in different lights

Dine in the company of those who share not

Blood, nor secrets, nor common ground but


Lose yourself

Wander till paths grow mossy, still, then

Vanish beneath the viridian haze of a

Gnarled tree's lazy

Gaze without the fascination of a fixed destination

Who would we be without a

Shared supposition of sanity

Who are we to confine one another to even an

Infinite number of identities

Embrace instability, though

Certainty paints clarity, morphs confusion into crystal and from a

Cloud of stars weaves pretty


Take consolation

Even colours dull the vibrancy of

Chaos, so revel in

Nothing, nearest to nowhere as

No one

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