Here, I share tips and ideas on leading a conscious lifestyle. Becoming more connected to what and how I consume has brought more meaning, peace and agency to my life. I hope this path brings you joy, too. Together, we can continually learn how to lessen our impact on our beautiful planet.


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4 Ingredient Pancakes

My simple, go-to weekend breakfast, brunch, or even lazy dinner. Do yourself a favour, make yourself banana pancakes, and pretend that it's the weekend now... Simply blend all of the following ingredients up, and then fry on a non-stick or lightly greased pan: Ingredients: 1 banana (the riper/browner the banana, the sweeter the pancakes!) 1 cup oats 1 cup plant milk (my favorite is unsweetened vanilla cashew milk) 1 dash cinnamon​ Toppings (optional, but life's short so...): Nut butter Berries Chocolate chips Banana (caramelized) Maple syrup



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