Here, I share tips and ideas on leading a conscious lifestyle. Becoming more connected to what and how I consume has brought more meaning, peace and agency to my life. I hope this path brings you joy, too. Together, we can continually learn how to lessen our impact on our beautiful planet.


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Holiday Survival Guide: Vegan & Vegetarian Edition

The holidays can be tough for vegans and vegetarians. With so many classic holiday dishes centered around meat and/or dairy, it can be tricky to figure out how to navigate what to eat, and how to explain our food choices to others. Whether this is your first holiday plant-based, or whether you're a seasoned vegan looking for some extra tips and morale, I hope you find some of this information useful. 1. Best Food Forward Bring a delicious plant-based dish with you. I’m all for whole food plant-based meals, but other people might not be used to eating in this way. In fact, this may even be some people’s first exposure to a plant-based dish. So, make sure people don’t get the impression that v



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