Here, I share tips and ideas on leading a conscious lifestyle. Becoming more connected to what and how I consume has brought more meaning, peace and agency to my life. I hope this path brings you joy, too. Together, we can continually learn how to lessen our impact on our beautiful planet.


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Environmentalism: Do Individual Choices Matter?

It's natural to feel overwhelmed when considering widespread issues, such as social equality, climate change, or animal welfare. This feeling of overwhelm may lead us to think, “I get this is an issue, but what can I do about it?” This logic, however, can lead us down a slippery slope. Should we throw litter in the trash? Should we volunteer? Should we vote? Why try at all? Consumer purchases (or decisions not to purchase!) can be thought of as 'voting with our dollar'. With our purchases, we affect the supply of chain and demand. One common argument against voting with our dollar is that it can lead people to engage less in broader political actions. Put another way, it may drain our energy



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